Saturday, 22 April 2017

Listing to Port – A New Gate

 (or The Ghar Stike Back?  Return of the Nuhu?)

It is not often in this hobby that I am caught off guard and surprised by the actions of a manufacture of games and rules.  But Warlord have done just that.
Free army lists to download for Beyond the Gates of Antares.  *heavy breathing*
Imagine my delight that only a few moments of finding these online lists and downloading them and then flicking through them.
Imagine then the immediate disappointment when realising that perhaps all of the previous lists inside “Listing to Port” are now out of date *boo hiss*.
Imagine then the delight when I realise that I get to do all the lists all over again!!  *Woop!!*
At least it will be delightful for me.  For avid readers of this blog that are permitted internet access while the doctors perform further tests to determine sanity, this will also be delightful in time.  *heavy breathing intensifies*
The only downside, dear reader, is that I have prepared lists in advance based on the old lists.  These are now irrelevant and the “advance preparation” performed on them has been consigned to a folder named /archived.  This means that the high quality usual drivel may take a few weeks to be hammered out as I ponder how to take this forward.
There will be the “Introductory” forces taken from the Xilos and Kar’a Nine sets, along with fleshing out some ideas for folks to build their collections.
There will be “Expansionary” forces taken from starter armies and suggestions of where to go next.
There will also be a chance to feature in a “Rogue Shard” listing, where I
steal research lists from other players from Warlord Forum or Facebook and publish them here.
While on the subject of “a few weeks”, in a few weeks the new house I have bought will have a fully painted, carpeted and furnished room.  For the first time since having a child, I will have a painting desk again.  There will also be an arrangement of cabinets, whose surface area covers 6 foot by 4 foot.  A good size no doubt.  Work permitting I may also get to spend some time in the room too.  Finally, in a first for Listing to Port, I will also be including pictures of the armies I am building.  I can guarantee the painting will NOT set the world alight, but there are other blogs dedicated to painting by far more talented painters than myself.
So to both of my regular fans out there, the good ship Bounty is refuelled and ready to traverse another gate as we travel around the great Antares machine, all the while Listing to Port.